In the year of 1906, a series of manuscripts were completed by a person known as Thomas Swindells. These were then publishing in that year by J.E. Cornish, Ltd., 16 St. Ann's Square, Manchester.

The publisher produced Thomas Swindells' writings under the title: "Manchester Streets & Manchester Men"; comprising a five volume series to make up the total publication.

The publication was based on a substantial number of articles submitted by the writer to the Manchester Evening News; and appearing in that newspaper two years before their final printing in the form of Cornish's five volumes.

The resulting publication is full of fascinating snippets about men and women (some nationally famous or were about to achieve that status) who worked, entertained, earned their living, triumphed over or suffered various misfortunes in their daily lives, in the streets of Manchester and its surrounding areas.

In addition, the features of various streets and their buildings and how they were when the manuscripts were written are extensively described, along with their astonishing histories.

It is intended to offer various extracts from the mentioned publications; and what is now available on this website can be seen by clicking on the line, below.

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