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~~ THE QUIZ ~~

1. What is a Music-hall?

A museum of music.
A room decorated with musical motifs.
A place of entertainment given by various performers and artists.
A place for storing musical equipment.

2.Who was Gus Elen?

A singer.
A composer of Edwardian music.
A musical instrument manufacturer.
A character trombone player.

3. Who was Al Bowlly?

A violin player.
A vocalist.
A film music composer.
A Music Hall artist.

4. Who was Spike Jones?

A composer of military music.
A band leader.
A music critic writing for a newspaper.
A xylophone player.

5. The Jazz Singer was?

A top American singer of the 1920s.
A term for anyone who sings with a jazz-band.
A singing waiter.
A film.

6. What does the initials O.D.J.B. indicate?

A musical theme.
A set of initials belonging to a famous musician.
A group of musicians.
A set of letters used for a trick question.

7. Who was Paul Whiteman?

A flute player.
A dancer.
A dance band leader.
A ukulele player.

8. What was the Wedding Of The Painted Doll?

A poster for a film.
A children's nursery ryhme song.
A popular song of the 1920s
A description of a female singer's wedding.

9. Who was Marie Lloyd?

An artist's model for posters.
A trapeze artist.
An American film star of the silent movie era.
An Edwardian music-hall singer

10. What was Show Boat?

A stage-show of 1928 later made into a film
A boat of entertainment for sailing any river.
A particular piece of stage scenery.
A slang term for a "show-off.


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