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To me, the most "magical music"of all music was produced and played in the 1930s. And, no doubt, from this statement you'll come to the conclusion that I like it - and you'd be one hundred per cent right.

If you've now taken the "plunge" and are now fortunate enough to possess a copy of the publication "Different Times" (if you haven't, click HERE to get one now) you'll find many references dealing with the origin of what was then called "sweet swing" and how this arrived on the scene. In addition, you'll have experienced - by way of the publication - the reaction of people at that time to what became an immensely popular musical style, and also the affect this had on those who "eagerly soaked it up - down to the tips of their toes"; and then danced to its tunes.

But it is now in the past, as far as "the time in which it lived" is concerned; but we're fortunate enough to have many records from that decade still in one piece - although a bit worn.

To give you a "taste" for its tunes, the extracts you'll find presented below are taken directly from my treasured collection of pre-1940 78 rpm records - most of them a bit "scratchy" but still enjoyable. I hope those of you familiar with the period get as much pleasure from the sound as I do. And to those of you who, until now, have not been "introduced" to the music of that time: I hope you gain a real appreciation of its "magic" from listening to the selections and reading about the people who gave them their bewitching quality.

I can do no better than to quote from a book I possess, entitled: "The Dance Band Era" - by Albert McCarthy - published 1971:

"The days of their glory are long past, but the best of the music they created has, over the years, acquired the timeless character of the best in popular art. That is their triumph and our good fortune."

The longest extract I present from the sample selection is about 120k, so if you are on a good line, each shouldn't take all that long to download, and I think you'll find them worth waiting for. Anyway: enjoy whatever you choose.


To add substance to the songs, it's intended to provide a page of band and singer biographies for each selection. Those now provided have their names underlined and marked in blue.
Go to these whilst you listen to the music.
Or, if you wish to read them now, all in one go, click HERE.

Note: Others details will be added in the very near future; so keep an eye on this list!

Jack Hylton Did You Mean It  1936  The Swingettes CLICK
Bert Ambrose I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan 1932 Sam Browne CLICK
Henry Hall Got To Dance My Way To Heaven 1936 Dan Donovan? CLICK
Joe Loss You Go To My Head 1938 Chick Henderson CLICK
Debroy Somers You And The Night And The Music 1935 Dan Donovan CLICK
Jack Hylton Blue Skies Around The Corner 1938 Sam Browne CLICK
Ray Noble Hold My Hand 1931 Al Bowlly CLICK
Jack Payne Happy Days Are Here Again 1930 Jack Payne CLICK


For those who are still "young at heart", try these:

Henry Hall Hush! Hush! Hush! Here Comes The Bogie Man!  1932?  Val Rosing CLICK
Jay Whidden I Lift Up My Finger And I say Tweet-tweet 1930? Leslie Sarony CLICK
Henry Hall Teddy Bear's Picnic 1933 Val Rosing CLICK
Debroy Somers Fairy On The Clock 1931 Debroy Somers? CLICK
Jack Payne Little Man You've Had A Busy Day 1934 Jack Payne CLICK
Jack Hylton Who Made Little Boy Blue 1938 Peggy Dell CLICK

(I had to guess some of the dates and singers - marked with: ?)


That's all for now, folks. But there'll be more - soon; and the records will be changed from time to time!

So: watch this Space!

But if you wish to do research on any of the bands and singers, use the facility below:

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